windows xp patch bluekeep

windows xp patch bluekeep

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Resolves a vulnerability in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. Corrige une vulnérabilité dans Windows XP et Windows Server 2003. Microsoft issued a security patch (including an out-of-band update for several versions of Windows that have reached their end-of-life, such as Windows XP) on . Sécurité : Microsoft a publié un patch pour combler la vulnérabilité BlueKeep pour Windows 7 mais également, fait inhabituel, Windows XP. Microsoft has issued a BlueKeep patch for Windows 7, and in an unusual step, for Windows XP as well. Mark Hachman By . In an unprecedented move demonstrating the severity of the issue, the patch covers older unsupported versions of Windows, XP and Windows . La raison en est BlueKeep, une vulnérabilité RCE (Remote Code. à savoir Windows XP et Windows Server 2003 – qui sont disponibles sur . Microsoft has tried to leave Windows XP in the dust, but it just can't get away. The company recently discovered a bug in older versions of . There's maybe no better sign of a vulnerability's severity; the last time Microsoft bothered to make a Windows XP fix publicly available was a . A Microsoft liberou um patch para o BlueKeep em maio, mas ainda há. a Microsoft lançou o primeiro patch em anos para o Windows XP em ..


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